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  1. Me: *hops on scooter*
  2. Me: *key in the ignition*
  3. Me: *hot and fresh out the god damn kitchen*

my roommate is frustratingly drunk for a wednesday night ugh 

Jovan Todorovic

Artist:Unknown Devendra Banhart
Title: UnknownThe Body Breaks
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Devendra Banhart by Neil Krug


I remember a faraway laugh

A sweet caress

You’d help me zip up my dress

I remember your arms around my neck

21 shells wrapped in my nest


Didn’t last

I won’t change

Given the chance

And I remember no place for me to hide
Before you came home at night

I remember you turning out the lights

All I ever saw was the red in your eyes

No big surprise

Happened nearly every night

Your own flesh and blood

I did wonder why

I remember not knowing what to say

And how calm you had remained

Your child stillborn with no name

I remember the never-ending summer rain


Please don’t let what was get in the way of what’s next

Don’t forget

That what’s to come hasn’t come yet


— Devendra Banhart, I Remember (via mymistakesweremadeforu)

Body Loud (2013)
Ryan McGinley


Katrien De Blauwer

Couleur Pâle


Matt and puppies